15 Different Types of Nail Extensions

Updated: December 8, 2023


To exude aesthetic elegance, natural nails are decorated with artificial nail enhancement. Various types of nail extensions are used to increase the length and shape of original nails. Tips and forms are used to increase the length of nails. Materials like acrylics, gel, and other products are coated to adore the nail. 

Skilled technicians are required to add a mesmerizing look to nail art ideas for short nails or long nails. Regular maintenance and care are required to maintain the health of extensions. In this blog post, we have selected 15 types of nail enhancements highly demanded by fashion divas. 

Different Types of Nail Extensions

Acrylic nail extensions

It is one of the best nail enhancement in India. To add acrylic nail enhancement, you have to prepare a smooth surface by trimming and buffing the original nail. When the desired smoothness is gained, liquid monomer is applied with acrylic powder. After a few minutes, the Acrylic materials hardened. To achieve the required length of nail extension, the extension is filed and buffed to get the appropriate curvature of the artificial nail. All the procedure requires an expert to mitigate the potential damage to the original nails.

Using experience with Acrylic nails depends on aftercare, nail technician ability, and individual sensitivity. If you are confused about applying Acrylic nail enhancement then we have collected the merits and demerits of using this type of nail extension.

Acrylic nail extensions
Merits of Acrylic Extensions
  • Economical nail extension
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Products easily available
  • Custom length, shape, and color 
  • Dries quickly than others
Demerits of Acrylic Extensions
  • Strong and unpleasant odor
  • Potential to damage the original nail
  • Acrylic chemicals may cause allergy
  • Proper aftercare required
  • Difficult to remove these extensions

Silk wrap nail extensions

Proper surfacing is required before applying the silk layers. Trimming, buffing, and filling are done to get the smooth surface of the original nail. An appropriate piece of silk fabric is adhered to the surface of the original nail with a bonding material. After that multiple layers of silk are applied over the nail and coated to strengthen the nail. When the coatings are properly dried and adhered to the original nail, the required shape and length are gained by trimming and filing the extension.  

An expert technician will be required to perfectly apply the nail extension process. You can make a well-thought-out decision after knowing about the pros and cons of using Silk wrap nail enhancements. Use this extension technique only if it aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Silk wrap nail extensions
Merits of silk wrap nail extensions
  • It provides a natural look
  • Support to weakening nail
  • It provides a protective layer 
  • Customizable shape and length
  • Lightweight and flexible
Demerits of silk wrap nail extensions
  • Less durable than Acrylic extensions
  • Complex and time-consuming
  • Not preferable for long nails
  • Proper aftercare is essential
  • Prone to allergies and infections

Gel nail extensions

As the name implies, it involves the use of a gel-like substance to enhance the length of nails. After proper trimming and cleaning of natural nails, a premier coating is applied to get the surface dehydrated. Multi-layers of gel are applied on nails and left for effective adherence. When it dries up, adequate length and shape are obtained by trimming and edging the extension. The gel material gives a shining look to the extension. Again, an expert technician is necessary to perform this gel nail enhancement. 

Gel nail extensions
Merits of Gel Extensions
  • Less odor than Acrylic extensions
  • Faster application procedure
  • Flexible and softer feeling  
  • Glossy and natural look
  • Less cracking and chipping Issues
Demerits of Gel Extensions
  • More expensive than others
  • Difficult and time-consuming
  • Prone to sensitivity or skin reaction
  • Frequent maintenance intervals
  • Limited options for repairing

Fiberglass extensions

It is a technique of using pieces of fiberglass to overlay the natural nail designs. After cleaning and buffing the base of the original nail, multiple layers of fiberglass sheet are fixed on the smooth surface of the natural nail. A special type of adhesive material is used to apply these extensions. LED lamps may be used to get the resin material to dry quickly. The extension provides a comfortable feel due to its lightweight.

You can either select or reject the use of fiberglass nail enhancement according to your lifestyle and liking. We have prepared a comparison between its pros and cons. These attributes will help you to make the decision.

Fiberglass extensions
Merits of Fiberglass Extensions
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Reinforce the week’s original nails
  • It gives a natural look
  • Allow the easy movement of nails
  • Adaptability of shape and size of nails
Demerits of Fiberglass Extensions
  • Less durable than acrylic or gel extensions
  • Removal required typical solvents
  • Not recommended for long nails
  • Prone to water damage/weakening
  • Long time requires to procedure

Shellac nail extensions

In this method, a combination of gel and nail polish is used to bring a glossy look. As a routine initial process, the natural nail is cleaned and buffed to make the surface smooth. Multi-layers of shellac (gel and polish) are applied on natural nails. Number of layers depends on how much thickness is required. The layers will dry up and an LED lamp can be used for quick results. After proper adhesion of Shellac layers, trimmed and filed to get the desired style and shape.

 Although it is a very famous type of nail enhancement technique you can decide about its application after analyzing its key attributes. We have mentioned the five most effective merits and demerits of Shellac nail extensions. 

Shellac nail extensions
Merits of Shellac Extensions
  • Shiny look
  • Applicable for a wide range of nails
  • Fast application and quick dryin
  • Long-lasting and water resistivity
  • Minimal maintenance required
Demerits of Shellac Extensions
  • Difficult removal 
  • Sensitive for ultraviolet light
  • Not recommended for long nails
  • Professional expertise required 
  • Less durability than acrylic extensions 

Polygel nail extensions

It is the blend of two very famous nail enhancement techniques, Acrylic, and gel nail enhancements. The base preparation involves cleaning and surfacing the original nail. The first layer of alcohol or Polygel is applied to the complete nail or tip of the nail to prepare the bed. The Polygel solution is applied in layers onto the nails. After proper drying of these layers, shape, and design work started. To give it a desired look, it is filed and trimmed accordingly. 

These types of nail extensions allow the fashion divas to style it in various shapes and lengths. A trained professional is required to artistically apply these nail enhancements. Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of applying this nail extension type will help you to make accurate decisions. Here are some of its major attributes.

Polygel nail extensions
Merits of Polygel Extensions
  • Custom size and length 
  • Lightweight and comfortable feel
  • Natural look with glossy finishing
  • Minimum Odor as compared to others
  • Easy and time-saving application
Demerits of Polygel Extensions
  • Limited DIY opportunities
  • Comparatively more expensive 
  • Difficult removal with Acetone
  • Less durable than Acrylic extensions
  • Professional required for application

Acrygel nail extensions

It has the same attributes if Acrylic and gel extensions are combined. After proper surfacing of the original nail is done a layer of acrylic powder mixed with gel is applied professionally on the nail. The drying process can be accelerated by the use of an LED lamp. By using trimming and buffing technique proper shape and length is achieved. It gives a sophisticated and stylish look to the nail extensions.

You must consider the pros and cons before applying any type of nail extension. Select the best-suited type that complements your lifestyle and health status. These are the most influential features of Acrygel nail enhancements.

Acrygel nail extensions
Merits of Acrygel Extensions
  • Easy to apply
  • It looks like natural nails
  • Almost odorless feeling
  • Long-lasting and Durable
  • Versatility in shape and size
Demerits of Acrygel Extensions
  • Comparatively more expensive
  • Professional technician required 
  • Sensitive for allergies and skin
  • Regular maintenance needed
  • The removal process is difficult

Dip powder nail extensions

This technique is a different procedure for applying nail extensions. Smooth surfacing is essential for good results. A solution of mild powder is used to apply the layers of extension material. The nail is dipped into the solution various times to get the desired thickness. Proper shape and style are made by trimming the nails. 

This method did not require an LED lamp to dry the layers. That increases its durability and long-lasting quality. These are true attributes of this type of nail extension. Carefully go through these pros and cons of Dip power nail enhancements. 

Dip powder nail extensions
Merits of Dip Powder Extensions
  • Quicker and time-saving
  • It provides a natural look
  • No need for Led lamp curing
  • Wide range of color schemes
  • More strength and durability
Demerits of Dip Powder Extensions
  • Difficult to repair if needed
  • Comparatively more thickness
  • Expertise required to apply it
  • Difficult removal of extensions
  • Prone to allergies and skin infections

Sculptured nail extensions

As the name indicates, carving of the different materials is performed. After preparing the smooth original nail bed, an Acrylic or sheet of desired material (gel) is sculpted to manage the desired length and size of the extensions. The carving or sculpting work is done by hand. If involves creative and unique ideas. The trained technician must be hired to apply the sculpted nail enhancements. 

The type of enhancements has some merits and demerits. It must be used according to your lifestyle and health condition. The features will help you to decide on their application. These are the top attributes. 

Sculptured nail extensions



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