Traditional Royal bridal lehengas: A Timeless Elegance

Updated: December 13, 2023


Royal bridal lehengas are considered traditional embodiment to attain royal bridal look. Brides love to make their special day memorable. Bridal wear dresses are crafted with pure quality fabrics and adorned with heavy embroidery work. To exude the exuberant look, designers always select a vibrant color scheme for a royal look bridal lehenga. 

Brides in lehenga design want to exude royal elegance and charisma. To achieve their goal, they try every possible attempt. We have selected some of the most demanded modern royal bridal lehenga designs. These apparel are artistically embellished with zari, gotta Patti, sequins, and threaded embroidery. Glittering hues like maroon, red, purple, peach, and navy blue are complementing Indian culture and traditional regality. 

 Each shade and thread is selected to enhance the elegance and persona of the bridal look. The use of the finest fabrics of silk, satin, georgette, brocades, and velvet are appropriate for wedding wear lehengas. Brides are emotionally attached to their look and style on their special day. Some of them like beads and stonework embellishment others like to wear intricate patterns with sequins and tassels. Let’s have a look at this royal wedding lehenga for bride collection. 

Graceful Royal Bridal Lehengas with Brief Details

Designer royal red bridal lehenga design

The royal red lehenga is traditionally associated with brides. The designer has opted for velvet fabrics material. The embellishment is performed through delicate dori work, diamonds, and threaded embroidery. This royal red bridal lehenga is paired with a matched choli. The choli is available in flexible sizes up to 42 inches. The velvet fabrics provide it with a luxurious feel. 

This royal red color lehenga choli is available with the dupatta. The dupatta is made of soft net materials. It is beautifully adorned with butti work on borders. This detailed decorative technique adds a touch of supreme elegance. If you are looking for a royal wedding lehenga then must consider this ensemble. This attire is easily available online and in physical stores.

Royal blue colour bridal lehenga choli

This bridal lehenga in royal blue color is deliberately designed in gadhawal silk fabrics material. The very fabric provides a comfortable feel due to its lightweight and elasticity. The intricate zari work and blue sequins make this bridal royal blue lehenga a perfect pick. The contrasting border is creatively adorned with Mirror and zircon work embroidery. The royal blue wedding lehenga is customization up to 42 inches.

The choli is paired with it in un-stitched form. This one-meter material choli allows you to customize the size according to your requirements. The exquisite zari work embroidery makes it a super stylish outfit. To give it an alluring look dupatta is paired with a pink color. The dupatta is made in chiffon fabrics. Royal blue bridal lehenga is decorated with bandhani print and lace work. 

The royal blue lehenga for the bride can be used with jewelry to enhance its elegance. This royal blue lehenga for a wedding is a perfect match for Indian traditions. This royal blue color lehenga can be used for reception. 

Royal maroon colour lehenga for bride

The designer has used velvet fabrics for this bridal wear lehenga. The embellishment work is performed with zari work, delicate floral patterns, diamond work, and dori. The royal maroon bridal lehenga is customization up to 42 inches. The intricate embroidery work on the border highlights its regal look. It perfectly complements the rich heritage of the Indian weaving industry.

It is paired with velvet choli in a similar color scheme. It is adorned with intricate zari work embroidery. The designer lehenga has a beautiful elephant canvas that shows its Indian customary richness. The soft net dupatta is paired and adorned with buttis work. The floral laces are delicately connected to its border on all sides. The velvet material, exotic embroidery work, and traditional allure make it a perfect fit for your special day use.

Royal purple bridal lehenga choli 

The purple color symbolizes royalty and regality. The designer has used silk fabrics material for this lehenga choli design. The prime quality gadhawal silk lehenga is decorated with intricate embroidery work. The traditional craftsmanship and delicate embellishment work made it an ideal lehenga for brides. The intricate sequins, use of mirrors, and customary zari add a royal touch to this attire. The lehenga is customizable to 42 inches size.

The choli is paired in a similar hue. It is also adorned with graceful zari work and intricate sequins. The designer has creatively created cohesiveness in this attire with similar patterns. To enhance the charm of this silk lehenga, a chiffon dupatta is paired with the green color scheme. The contrasting hues add a touch of elegance to this bridal lehenga. The choli is available in one-meter semi-stitched silk fabrics. You must consider this captivating lehenga for your wedding day.

Multi-color Velvet Lehenga with double dupatta

The lehenga with double dupatta is famous as bridal wear in Indian culture. The designer has used velvet fabrics material for lehenga. The intricate embroidery with fancy threadwork, elegant sequins, and diamond work make the dress a masterpiece. The lehenga is in semi-stitched form and can be adjusted up to 42 inches in size. 

The choli is paired in a royal maroon color with the same embroidery. It is also available in one-meter unstitched form. The multi-threaded embellishment work adds a traditional look to the wearer. The double dupattas are available in white and maroon colors. It promises the princess look with an alluring feel. It is an A-line style lehenga design that is highly appreciated in Indian society. You must include this dress in your wardrobe.

Captivated Mustard Bridal wear lehenga choli

If you want a unique bridal look then this mustard color lehenga choli is an appropriate apparel. This lehenga is made of velvet fabrics that are a symbol of luster and glow. The lehenga is embellished with multi-threaded embroidery. The intricate zari work and graceful sequins. The creative patchwork and diamond work enhance its glamour. The lehenga is paired with a double dupatta. The lehenga is customizable up to 42 inches in size.   

The pink color choli is paired with it. The choli is made of velvet fabrics with one-meter measurements. The Dori work and delicate embroidery add a majestic look. This mustard lehenga is paired with a double dupatta. One dupatta is in mustard color in soft net fabrics. The other dupatta is in pink color with velvet fabrics. The dupattas are decorated with buttis and lace work on borders. This lehenga choli is comfortable to wear and easy to care for. The smoothness of the dress provides royal comfort. 

Pink Embroidered Velvet Bridal Lehenga 

 The ravishing pink color lehenga is a perfect option for Indian brides. It is made of velvet fabric material. The decorative work is performed using threadwork, diamond, and intricate sequins. The lehenga is available in a semi-stitched format with flexible sizing up to 42 inches. Overall, it gives the true regal look. The embroidery work shows the high-end craftsmanship and dedication of artisans. A-line styling makes it an even more adorable ensemble. 

It is paired with a similar color blouse. It is provided with one-meter unstitched material. To attain a cohesive look, the designer has used velvet fabrics and similar embroidery work. The beautiful sequins and multi-threaded embroidery enhance its glam. This lehenga blouse design is paired with a double dupatta. The dupattas are in the pink color scheme. Pure velvet fabrics, artistic embroidery work, and vibrant color have made it a perfect outfit for brides. You must incorporate it into your dream day. 

 Green Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Choli


The green color has a unique emotional attraction for Indian brides. The designer has deliberately selected this dark green color to appeal the fashionable girls. It provides a different ethnic look. It is embellished with creative techniques of embroidery. The artistic application of lace and intricate zari work has added a royal touch to the bridal wear green lehenga.

The lehenga is paired with a similar hue of choli in pure silk fabrics. The designer has used special taffeta silk fabrics for this choli. The same zari and multi-thread embroidery are performed on the choli. The dupatta is available in teal green color. The lace works on the borders elevates its charm and provides an elegant look. The dupatta is in soft net material that provides an astonishing look.

If you are in search of royal lehenga for bride then it is the best option. You must consider it for your wedding day.

Royal peach colour bridal lehenga design

This is a memorable peach lehenga used by famous Bollywood celebrity Anushka Sharma. It was designed by famous Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He used taffeta silk fabric material which is lightweight and lustrous. It is decorated with zari work and delicate sequins all over the lehenga. It is a tailor-made design for weddings. The peach color adds ethnic sobriety to that bridal lehenga.

It is paired with silk fabrics choli which is adorned with similar zari work embroidery. It is also available in one-meter unstitched fabric material. The dupatta is available in net material. The borders of the dupatta are decorated with stylish lacework. The designer has selected the peach color scheme for both choli and dupatta. It gives a captivating royal look to make the day memorable. If you want to make a statement with royal Indian bridal look on your wedding day then must consider this Sabyasachi Mukherjee bridal lehenga. 


Organza Bridal Lehenga Choli by Sabyasachi 

Once again, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has showcased his creative sense of design with floral patterns. He used the green and orange combination. The Khadi organza material is used for this mesmerizing lehenga. He embellished this lehenga with delicate zari work, sequins, and floral prints. The lehenga is customizable from size to 43 inches. It is designed in a 3.5 meter wide flair that makes it super stylish. It is also available in semi-stitched form. 

It is paired with a half-sleeve choli in orange color. It is embellished with golden floral prints, delicate sequins, and digital prints. The dupatta is in green color with orange floral patterns. The borders are delicately adorned with golden lace work. The vibrant color scheme inspires fashionable girls. You must include this stylish royal lehenga choli for your special day. If bridesmaids are looking for enchanting collection of lehenga designs for wedding then they must consider it as well.

 Concluding Remarks

 It is a fact that every Indian girl wants to make a statement on their wedding day with royal bridal lehengas. The velvet, silk, georgette, and Khadi fabrics make these royal lehenga designs are ideal for brides. They complement the rich heritage and modern customs of India. The vibrant color scheme and floral patterns add a touch of fairy tale elegance. We have already incorporated the mesmerizing collection of lakhnavi lehengas for girls, you must explore them.

You must consider this royal bridal lehenga collection and explore the new horizon for your wedding day celebration. One thing is guaranteed each of the threads makes a statement of opulent and luxurious style. You can buy these ravishing lehengas from famous online stores. Best wishes.



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