Best Ever Hairstyles for Indian Brides with Long Hair

Updated: November 14, 2023


Having long hair is a blessing for fashionable Indian brides. It provides them with a wide range of hair styling options to go with on their special day. If you are still confused about what hairstyle you should opt then you are on the right platform. We will give the best ideas about selecting the trending hairstyles for Indian brides with long hair in this blog post. 

hairstyles for Indian brides with long hair
Why to select these Bridal Hairstyles?
  • It will show your feminine and sexy look
  • You will be more approachable with these hairstyle ideas
  • It will help to make your look slimmer and catchy
  • It will make you feel more confident and attractive
  • These hairstyles will make you look younger
  • Easy to style in many different ways
  • More attractive and stylish then ever

Keeping in view the traditional wedding culture of India, we have included only specific and trendy hairstyles that suites with the bridal lehenga or gown. Special braids, beachy waves, ponytails, and bun styles are included in this collection.

Best ever Hairstyles for Indian Brides with Long Hair

Cleaned Rolled Bun Hairstyle classic trend

When we talk about bridal hairstyle elegance, the first style clicks to mind is the neatly rolled bun hairstyle. It depicts the Indian wedding’s traditional and cultural essence for brides. It is also one of the easiest hairstyles to carry long hair for long hours. Smooth texture and artful tucking make the hairstyle look dazzling.

Accessories/ornaments add to the persona of the look. There are a few methods to make this crafty bun hairstyle. To make the clean and round bun, make a low bun and twist the hair around. It’s done.

Cleaned Rolled Bun Hairstyle

Flower Adorned Braided Hairstyle for Brides

How can we forget to use the mogra flowers? Simply make a braid and wrap it with strands of fluorescent Mogras. It covers the long hair braid till the tail. Although tiara and mogra are the most used flowers for bridal hairstyles, rose strands are also customary with red lehengas. What is your choice?

Flowers are an essential part of bridal makeover in Indian weddings. When flowers are delicately used in combination with a braided hairstyle, it creates a flamboyant bride look. In the picture, you see that the tiara flower is delicately used in combination with floral chains looks amazing.

Flower Adorned Braided Hairstyle

Leave it Open Bridal Hairstyle

As we have discussed it is very awkward for the brides to handle the long hair when left open for a longer period. If you love to set the stage on fire with open hair, we have a solution for it. Simply comb the hair straight and curl up in the end. It will make you look gorgeous with flowing long hair. Free-moving hairstyle look makes the day for the bride. Maang tikka adds a flavor to the bridal look as seen in the image.

Leave it Open Bridal Hairstyle

Half Tied Hairstyle tailor-made for wedding day

If you have waist-long hair and are not comfortable with an open hairstyle then a half-tied hairdo will surely inspire you. These partially tied updos with a combination of front braids will add charm to the bridal look.

In this way bride will get the flaunty look and inspire the ladies around the festival. To make it more attractive, you may curl up the hair towards the end. It also suits the bridesmaid look.

Half Tied Hairstyle

Messy Bun Hairstyle ideal for long and thick hair

If it is disturbing for you to handle the burden of long hair during the ceremony. Making a super beautiful bun is the best solution because it is comfortable and easy to make hairstyle.

A messy bun with a detailed braid is a trending hairstyle for Indian brides. This messy long braid will incorporate a royal bridal look. It will surely exhibit the flaunting/stylish length of hair. If you like braided hairstyles then must try this one.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

Exquisite Rapunzel Hairstyle Ideas

Girls love their long hair to make Rapunzel hairstyle. Why not! When we see flaunting long hairstyles with this technique, it makes everyone jealous. Rapunzel is used as the name of a young princess with long hair in a fairy tale.

Rapunzel hairstyle is a three-strand Dutch braid that gives a flaunting look to the bride. If you have long hair then opt for this mesmerizing hairstyle without compromising the actual length. Images show the glowing look.

Rapunzel Hairstyle

Semi Bubble Hairstyle looks astonishing with Long Hair

Bubble braid hairstyle is the most inspiring option for brides in India with long hair. If you want a wavy look then a bubble braid is most suitable for your special day. In the picture, you can see that the addition of pink roses makes it even more attractive.

You can also add mogra flower strings in place of roses. Brides with long hair must include this hairstyle in their wish list for their wedding day. 

Semi Bubble Hairstyle

Thick Braided Hairstyle for the perfect look

Girls with long and thick hair are found in search of the best-suited hairstyle. We have selected the most appropriate thick and voluminous braided hairstyle. You can adorn the braid with jewels (accessories) as in the images shown. Brides with thick hair must opt for this hairstyle on their wedding day. 

Thick Braided Hairstyle

Unique Beachy Waves Hairstyle

It is a new hairstyle trend for brides. It is for those girls who don’t like braids or buns. Long hair with curly waves makes your day. Delicate layers make it look more stylish. It is observed that Indian brides love to flaunt their hair to inspire the community and this is best for them. You can add strands according to your liking.

You have this option open to curl the hair or not. The sleek look of this hairstyle makes you feel confident. You will love this hairstyle after watching your photo album. Must consider this option. 

Beachy Waves Hairstyle

Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle for Indian Bride

Every fashionable girl has a special place for ponytail hairstyles. Indian brides have loved to use this hair trend for ages. It is one of the oldest hair trends for bridal hairstyles. It is very easy to balance this style.

Ponytail Hairstyle for Indian Bride

Final Thought

Indeed long hair is a great blessing for fashionable girls. This collection of hairstyles for Indian brides with long hair is typically presented to give you an insight into the various options suitable for your wedding day. You can modify them according to your liking. We will keep updating this blog post with more ideas according to the new trends. Have a memorizing even of your wedding. Please share your thoughts about this blog post in comments.



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