Ideal Bhai Dooj Mehndi Designs 2023

Updated: November 15, 2023


Bhai Dooj is a famous Hindu festival like Raksha Bandhan. It has an emotional and ethnic significance among the Hindu community. We have selected some exquisite Bhai Dooj mehndi designs for sisters. While performing the ritual, sisters always like to make stylish mehndi designs on their hands and feet.

Bhai Dooj Mehendi design 2023

Bhai Dooj is a combination of two words. Bhai is associated with brother and Dooj is related to the 2nd lunar day of Vikram Samyat (the 8th month of the Hindu calendar). The festival has been celebrated in various states with different names like Bhai Tika, Bhaubeej, Bhratri Dwitiya, and Bhai Phonta etc.

How Bhai Dooj is celebrated?

Celebration may differ as per location or customs but the essence remains the same all over the world. Sisters invite their brothers for a lavish meal.  Favorite dishes are made to show their caring gratitude to brothers. Brothers are adorned with tikka on their foreheads by sisters to show their love and care. The ceremony signifies the pure bond between the siblings. Brother takes the responsibility of protecting his sisters. The exchange of gifts is seen everywhere which makes this event full of emotions and happiness for siblings.

In moments of happiness, sisters are excited to jewels their hands and feet with the latest mehndi designs. We are providing them with a wide range of delicate mehendi designs to make their day memorable. To show their love for their brother, they write their names on their palm inside heart-shaped mehndi designs.

Bhai Dooj Mehndi Designs for Girls

To handle the fatigue of day-long festivity, simple mehndi designs are best for working women. Firstly, it is very easy to make and takes less time. Secondly, it avoids any hassle during the event. These designs of mehndi are made of flowers, lines, dots, and leafy strands on the hands. It looks simple and sophisticated.

Every girl (sister) tries to make the festival memorable by selecting some unique mehendi designs to stand out in the gathering. They look for some special pattern that symbolizes the brother’s bonding. Some girls do take pictures of a male on their hand relating it to his brother. The idea looks inspiring as well. What do you think?

Bhai Dooj Mehndi Designs Creative Ideas

Stylish Mehendi Design for girls
Bhai Dooj Love Mehendi art

In the above image you can literally see the love and affection a sister possess for his brother. It shows the real essence of Bhai Dooj festival. The ritual play a key role in making the brother-sister bonding more strong. Just imagine the happiness she feels while adoring his Bhai (brother). Amazing!!!

Dot Mehndi Design

The dotted strings connecting the flowers symbolizes the connection of love between the siblings. It is very simple mehndi design and girls opt for it during Bhai Dooj event. If you love flowers and strings then it is best henna art for you. You must try it out.

Bhai Dooj simple mehndi design

Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

What could be better idea to express your love emotions then making Tikka on forehead. Give him gifts and wish him long and healthy life. It is simply an emotional moment and will remain in the memory for long time. You need expertise to create such henna design on hand. This full hand mehndi design is very attractive and appealing for girls.

Best Mehndi design for Bhai Dooj
Best Mehndi art for sister

These are trendy mehndi designs appropriate for Bhai Dooj ceremony. Mehndi leaves are stylish and eye-catching. It will also save time because of its simple layering. Most of the time girls are seen in search of simple yet delicate mehndi designs. They want to inspire the gatherings with their clothes, jewelry, make up and mehndi designs. What’s your take on it?

Final Thoughts:

Mehndi Designs included in this collection are according to the latest trends, Hindu culture, follow the social norms. Simplicity and delicacy of art is important feature. Then what’s stopping you to include this catalog in your wish-list? Enjoy the event with this mesmerizing Bhai Dooj mehndi designs collection 2023. Do share your thoughts in comments.



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